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Introducing Stevia FSE™ - An exciting and new natural sweetener!

Stevia FSE™ is a unique enzyme-treated organic Stevia extract with no bitter aftertaste delivering 95% glucosylsteviosides. Due to its intense natural sweetness, much smaller amounts are required to effectively sweeten most products. In addition, Stevia FSE™ has a high purity rating making it approximately 60-100 times sweeter than regular table sugar.

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Amino Acids

Further processed at Stauber's New York Facility - granulated, instantized, sweetened, flavored - superior quality L-Glutamine, Arginine Base and HCL, BCAA blends (varying ratios), Leucine - for use in multiple finished product applications.


Derived from calcified Lithothamnion Sp. red algae, AQUAMIN is a unique mineral source rich in bioactive calcium, magnesium and over 70 trace elements.  This multi mineral complex has a distinctive physical and chemical structure offering superior organoleptic qualities, enhanced texture, reduced astringency, and a pleasant mouth feel.   AQUAMIN delivers high mineral content at a cost effective price to support consumer-appealing claims.  Material is harvested in Iceland under the strictest guiedelines for sustainability and in an environmentally responsible manner.  Clinical study data is available demonstrating the superior biochemical functionality for bone, joint, and digestive health.  AQUAMIN is available in various forms to support multiple finished applications - tablets, powders, low pH beverages, clear drinks, and sports beverages. 


Unique and proprietary blend of enzymes, minerals and herbs.  AstraZyme has been shown to break down proteins as well as clinically proven to significantly enhance both amino acid/peptide absorption quantities and rates. 

Best Cooking Pulses

Best Cooking Pulses, Inc. sustainably mills North American lentils, beans, chickpeas, and peas into BEST Pulse Flours and Fibers.  These functional ingredients are non-GMO, free of all major allergens, ELISA tested for gluten, kosher certified, halal approved and available conventional or certified organic.  High in protein, lysine, dietary fiber, and many vitamins/minerals - yet low in fat.  Pulse flours boost the nutrition of snacks, backed goods, pasta and bars, including gluten-free formulations.  BEST Pea Fibers are intrinsic fibers approved for use in beverages, food products, bakery and meat products.  Ingredients are available in various forms - flours, fiber powders, and organic crisps.  


Premium quality pineapple stem extract available at various concentrations and in several forms (powder, granular, HD).

Chlorella/Spirulina Granulation

Stauber New York provides superior quality granulations of both Chlorella and Spirulina.  These materials can effectively support your formulation requirements for optimal compressibility and finished product performance.  Avilable as stand-alone products.

COVICO™ Coconut Water Powders and Coconut Cream Powders: 

Versatile with a smooth and light flavor that allows scientists to create the desired taste profile of their choosing.  Key benefits: Easily dissolves in liquids, clean ingredient with 2
years of shelf life, only standard, dry shipping and storage needed”

EPAX Marine Omega-3 Concentrates

EPAX marine Omega-3 ingredients are science-based EPA/DHA blends formulated in varying ratios and concentrations to effectively target specific health conditions. EPAX products are manufactured to specifications that set standard for purity in the global dietary supplement industry. All finished ingredients are in compliance with the European Pharmacoeia and the GOED Voluntary Monograph. Backed by more than 170 years of marine oil expertise, every EPAX product is the result of EPAX ongoing commitment to Purity, Quality and Innovation.

ERYLITE® Stevia (Jungbunzlauer)

ERYLITE® Stevia is Jungbunzlauer's unique blend of a natural sugar alcohol ERYLITE® (Erythritol) and Rebaudioside A, a highly purified stevia plant extract.  This product unites the unique benefits of both ingredients resulting in a great flavor low calorie sweetener which can be effectively used for many pure and natural sweetening applications.  Available as a 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1 sweetness level when compared with sucrose sweetening level. 

Fiber Powders

Fiber powders available in soluble and insoluble forms - Apple, Orange, Sugarcane, Rice, Pea, Corn, Potato, Wheat, Soy, Oat, and Bamboo.  Some forms available as organic.  For use in dietary supplements, beverages and functional food applications.

Glucosamine/Chondroitin Granulation

Via fluid bed granulation processes - STAUBER New York offers large volumes of Chondroitin/Glucosamine delivering ultimate compressibility and performance.  Offered as either stand alone or blended products. 

Glutathione L-Reduced

High purity L-Glutathione available in both powder and High Density forms.

Granular Cal Carb USP BTH - Ultra Dense (Delavau)

Granular Calcium Carbonate  is a Bag to Hopper off-white granulation with excellent flow properties - eliminating the need to add costly lubricants and eliminates the blending step. 


HEALTH IN GUM® is a unique powder excipient, from CAFOSA, which offers the simplicity to make finished “gum” products utilizing a simple formula and direct compression. No investment is needed for specialized manufacturing equipment. It is easy to develop a proprietary formulation for your brand or product development just by adding basic ingredients and your active product. 

Hereditum Probiotics

Nutritional or dietary supplement: Hereditum premium probiotics are isolated from human breast milk.  Hereditum human breast milk strains have been selected from hundreds of different strains for their excellent capabilities and probiotic properties, and for their scientifically proven health benefits.

Hi-FIL ™ Lutein,  Zeaxanthin and Nutri-MZ Meso-Zeaxanthin

Industrial Organica SA has been a leader in the production of carotenoids from Marigold flowers since 1966. Their Lutein and Zeaxanthin ingredients are manufactured according to patented processes in a cGMP facility in Monterey, Mexico. They are safe (GRAS) and natural and can be formulated in suspension, powder or beadlet to target various applications (tablets, capsules or softgel).  An innovative delivery system is also available for liquid (water soluble) formulas.  

NIPPI TruMarine™ Collagen

TruMarineTM collagen is a natural high-quality and clinically tested collagen peptide extracted from fish collagen.  TruMarineTM is easy to digest and is quickly absorbed more so than other collagen sources due to its small molecular weight and high bioavailability, and is a superior alternative to bovine or porcine collagen.  TruMarineTM is back by numerous clinical studies and has scientifically proven benefits on health and beauty, stimulating the regenerations of cells present in the skin, bones, and joints of our body.  Because TruMarineTM is tasteless and odorless, it can be easily added to food and beverages or be used for cosmeceutical and nutraceutical applications.

NuBetaine™ (Snake River Nutrition LLC)

Betaine Anhydrous (Trimethylglycine) is produced in Idaho by Snake River Nutrition LLC.  This free flowing, bright white powder is perfect for many applications, such as genreal nutrition, sports nutrition, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products. 


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O2P™ - Oil Powders (NPRI)

NPRI offers a proprietary process for converting most edible oils, gels, or pastes into free flowing powder. Superior Oil Powders for many applications – including powder or RTD beverages, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, pet  foods, functional foods, and more.  Standard oil powders include Borage, Canola, CLA, Coconut, Flaxseed, MCT, Olive, Red Palm, and Safflower.  Custom oil powders are available upon request.  Carriers can be customized to your product needs – Maltodextrin, Tapioca Dextrin, MCC, Protein powders, Mineral powders, Probiotic powders, etc.  Available as certified organic or conventional powders. 



A patented, complete complex of all biologically active
B-vitamins, produced from quinoa sprouts.
1 gram equals 100% of US RDI.  


The powerful patented active form of vitamin B3 (niacin). A special micro-encapsulation also makes the combination with other active ingredients possible.


A natural complex of valuable highly unsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids, which are obtained from high-quality oil seeds by pressing them at sparing temperatures and without the use of solvents. Available in powder-form.


Unique basic mineral complex for improved bone mineralization, produced from valuable soil minerals. More available for the bones than conventional calcium.


A natural oral skin formula for healthy and beautiful skin, produced from flaxseed oil, soy lecithin (GMO-free) and mare’s milk concentrate


A patented, complete of all plant vitamin compounds and all (!) essential vitamins essential for human beings, produced from quinoa sprouts, acerola cherries, Blakeslea trispora, lichens and sunflowers.  1 gram equals 50% of US RDI.   


Unique high quality powders derived from fish oil and algal oil providing high levels of EPA and DHA.  Virtually tasteless/odorless powder for use in a variety of applications for gummies, tablets, and powder beverages.  Clean label, Non-GMO, gluten free high performance powders.


Available as free flowing powder or granular grades.  Stauber New York offers various concentrations of Pantethine - up to 55% powder and 80% as oil form. 

Pea Protein Isolate

High quality protein powder from Canadian yellow peas.  Consistently high protein content, low heavy metals, good taste and robust amino acid profile.  Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free material excellent for many nutritional applications.  Available as 80% and 85% protein in conventional and organic forms.  

Quercetin High Density

Via chilsonation, STAUBER New York offers either Dimorphandra Mollis or Sophora Japonica extracts. Tapped densities available up to 0.9ml/g.

SheffCel Cellulose Ethers (Kerry Ingredients)

Water-soluble hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) polymers derived from cellulose and supplied in various free-flowing grades, HPMC is used as a thickener, tablet binder, film-former, and for water retention.  As well, they can function as protective colloids, suspension aids, and emulsifiers. 

Stevia FSE™  (Organic)

Full spectrum extract, certified organic, GRAS, and an amazing flavor profile.  Stevia FSE is excellent for all applications - especially for liquid products. 

Stiebs TRUE Pomegranate Extract

Spray dried pomegranate extract with a great fruit flavor.  ideal polyphenol fingerprint >50% polyphenols.  Nitrate content of 40 to 50ppm.  Excelllent as an effective pre-peri-post exercise supplement ingredient.  California sourced raw materials produce a dark to brownish red powder.  Clinical study data available for sports nutrition and performance. Application as an antioxidant  in dietary supplements,  foods, beverages, and personal care.

TriCalcium Citrate - Coarse

Superior quality Calcium Citrate for use in tablet manufacturing. Produced with a high purity calcium source which maintains a high level of calcium. Demonstrates quality finished products at an optimal price point.

TriCalcium Citrate TB

TCC TB is a tricalcium citrate tetrahydrate designed to function as a direct compression excipient.  Direct Compression has gained enormous popularity in tablet manufacturing in recent times, but requires that tablet formulations exhibit good compactibility as well as flowability.  TCC TB is produced in a unique production process which creates the special crystalline structure that is responsible for its outstanding characteristics --making it the ideal choice for a direct compression excipient.  Compacts tablets of higher tensile strength compared to other brittle fillers. 

TriMagnesium Citrate

White to almost white powder, high magnesium content, neutral taste and flavor, excellent solubility and good bioavailability. Good for beverages, sports drinks, fruit juices, baby foods, and supplements.


Processed at STAUBER New York's facility, various trituration products (B12, Biotin, Folic Acid, on an assortment of carriers) are available.  These are available at many different concentration levels.

XanthoSight ™

Patented blend of Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Meso-Zeaxanthin obtained from Marigold petals.  This fine dispersion oil is perfect for softgel applications. XanthoSight ™ supports vision performance for healthy eyes related to contrast sensitivity, glare recovery, blue light protection and night vision challenges.  Clinical study details available to demonstrate benefits for vision performance. 

Zinc Citrate Trihydrate

White to almost white powder, practically colorless, soluble in water, with a high mineral content and neutral taste.  Useful for a wide range of health benefits from zinc fortification.




describe the imageNatural Betaine Anhydrous from Snake River Nutrition


Free flowing white powder, perfect for your formulations!


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