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Dear Valued Business Partners,


Our new partner for STAUBER’s future was announced late in the afternoon of Monday, November, 23, 2015.


Over the last twenty years we have had three equity partners/investors who have been the majority owners of STAUBER

during their respective investment periods; Quad-C Capital,  Whitney & Co., and our current partner, ICV Capital.


Earlier this year, ICV Capital and I decided that we would look to part paths with each other, so we “once again,”

started a process to look for a new partner to STAUBER. We looked primarily at potential strategic partners, as “this time around,”

I very much wanted it to be our partner “forever.” I did not want to worry about “changing out” yet another equity/investor group

in another five to seven years.


I am very happy to share with you that the entire management team and I have decided to enter into a relationship

with Hawkins, Inc. (HAWKINS – see ) a company whose values, culture, and “customer focused”

business mindset, are identical to that of STAUBER.


Our new parent company is built on a foundation of integrity, quality, and transparency. From what we have seen in various people

we have interacted with and gotten to know so far (especially their CEO Patrick Hawkins), they are a perfect match for how we

run our business. Like STAUBER, HAWKINS also promotes a “Culture of Quality.”


HAWKINS, based out of Roseville, Minnesota distributes, blends, and manufactures bulk & specialty chemicals to a wide variety

of industries. They operate 38 different facilities in 17 different states. They do very little in the nutrition industry, and they are really

excited about being able to diversify and spread out into more industries through STAUBER.


STAUBER’s current management team will keep running the company (which will keep its identity “STAUBER” under the umbrella

of the HAWKINS family of companies).


Per Patrick Hawkins; “The addition of STAUBER to the HAWKINS family will accelerate HAWKINS’ growth strategy and expand our overall

product and service offering. We strongly believe that a combination of HAWKINS and STAUBER will offer more strength and long term

opportunities for STAUBER, all of its business partners (customers “and” suppliers), and especially its management and employees.”


It is truly a historic moment in time in the evolution of STAUBER as a business!  Thank you for being part of our continuing journey!









Dan Stauber

STAUBER California / New York





FULLERTON, CA (October 24, 2014

STAUBER will represent the full Aquamin line of products in the North American marketplace for use in nutritional products, food and snack applications and also within the broad beverage segment.  AQUAMIN® is a unique multi mineral complex with a distinctive physical and chemical structure offering superior organoleptic qualities, enhanced texture, reduced astringency, and a pleasant mouth feel. AQUAMIN® delivers high mineral content at a cost effective price to support consumer-appealing claims. Clinical study data is available demonstrating the superior biochemical functionality for bone, joint and digestive health.

“Marigot Ltd is quite pleased to begin this relationship with STAUBER for the North American markets.  We anticipate that Marigot and STAUBER will jointly expand the awareness and demand for Aquamin products in the nutritional and dietary market segments in the US.  This distribution partnership will certainly pave the way for continued strong growth in dietary supplement and nutrition space, as well as an intentional focus on growth for food and beverage fortification applications.  Marigot has high confidence that STAUBER’s industry knowledge, strong customer relationships, and keen experience will be an effective catalyst in the continued success of this product line,” David O’Leary – Marigot Ltd.

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About Marigot

Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Marigot manufactures Aquamin, a unique marine multi-mineral complex – derived from a calcified “Lithothamnion” species of red algae.  This plant source provides bioactive Calcium and Magnesium + over 70 trace elements.  Marigot is committed to sustainable farming and only mature material is harvested responsibly from the Icelandic waters.  All of the Aquamin products have high mineral content and can be used in a multitude of finished products – including beverages, snacks, cereals, yogurts and dairy products, as well as nutritional supplements.

“STAUBER is very excited to represent the Aquamin products.  We have found Marigot Ltd to be an excellent partner who shares our passion, values and ethics.  They have a progressive approach to product development and scientific support as evidenced by the continued pursuit of peer-reviewed studies supporting health benefits for bone, joint, and digestion.  The Aquamin line is an excellent product offering for high mineral fortification from a natural source – perfect for the nutritional demands for today’s markets!   Our teams look forward to working together!” – Dan Stauber, CEO.


Jungbunzlauer appoints STAUBER as their preferred distributor for the nutritional and dietary industry

Boston, 16 June, 2014

STAUBER Ingredients will represent Jungbunzlauer’s complete product line and concepts to the nutritional industry throughout the United States.

“Jungbunzlauer and STAUBER have been working together for decades and have jointly expanded their presence in the nutritional and dietary market segments in the US. STAUBER’s excellent market knowledge and intimate customer relationships across the US, along with Jungbunzlauer’s high quality standards, provide the basis for the continued success. STAUBER’s manufacturing capabilities in Florida, NY provides additional customized and tailor made solutions for our customer base in North America,” says Peter Luck, Director Sales for Jungbunzlauer.

“STAUBER is pleased to strengthen our twenty-plus year relationship with Jungbunzlauer. Both companies are very uniquely aligned in the philosophy of providing “high quality naturally originated” ingredients to the ever-growing and dynamic nutritional industry. As innovation and new product & delivery vehicles arise, and consolidation of much of the industry continues, it is very humbling to be associated with such a fine company as Jungbunzlauer.  Our teams look forward to continuing to work together to serve our end customers more effectively into the future!” – Dan Stauber, CEO.

 “As consumer demand for healthier and more natural goods continues to increase and producers seek to find and exploit opportunities to become more efficient in all aspects of their , business, Jungbunzlauer together with its channel partner STAUBER Performance Ingredients will provide customer oriented solutions,” Luck said.

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