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 Pilot Laboratory

STAUBER New York’s various processing capabilities are uniquely supported by our Pilot Lab facilities. Within this ‘pilot’ environment, our technical team can help to provide solutions and innovations for finished product applications. The lab is outfitted with a fluid bed granulator, hi-shear mixer, tablet press, Comill, micro-pulverizer, fitzmill, Sweco brand sifter, 1-2Kg batch size rotary mixer and roller compactor – each as a “solution sized” mini version of commercial machines. This dedicated equipment, and our highly experienced team, are the keys to solving your product challenges, and for development of unique formulations. All of the work can be completed in this lab, prior to scaling up commercially, giving you the assurance of optimal process efficiency and cost control.






Proprietary Blends

Custom packaging (bags, cartons, drums and totes)

Fluid bed granulation

Roller Compaction/Chilsonation




Custom Sizing/Sieving/Micronization





Stauber New York

The STAUBER R&D and Production teams have extensive application experience to create innovative solutions for meeting their customer’s unique product requirements.  The facility is NSF Certified, cGMP compliant, HACCP, and certified to process organic products. Kosher and Halal certifications are also available.  The on-site, quality control lab provides a range of testing utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, including UPLC, AA, FTIR Spectroscopy, UV/VIS, CPC Titration, PSL gamma radiation detector, and a full microbiology lab.

The enhanced services in specialty manufacturing allow STAUBER to provide:

  • Agglomeration
    • For better flow characteristics in stick packs or drink mixes.
  • Fluid bed granulation
    • For optimum compressibility characteristics.
  • Instantizing
    • For help in non-soluble powders dissolve and/or dispersion in liquids.
  • Particle Size Adjustment
    • For various applications, using a wide range of equipment types (micropulverizer, Jet mills, Fitzmills)
  • Roller Compaction
    • To increase the bulk density/improve flow characteristics of powders without the use of solvents. Often referred to as Chilsonation, it can help reduce capsule sizes.
  • Blending
    • For power blends, premixes, trituration and drum to hopper formulas using a wide range of equipment (PK V Blenders, Ribbon blenders, Rotary Mixers, ...)