BON Group

Since 2011, this unique research team has organized special international conferences with the objective of encouraging and supporting further research into the important area of nutrition for the eye and brain.

There have been three conferences on macular carotenoids and, in 2018, the first BON Conference on Brain and Ocular Nutrition. Research abstracts and papers presented at the BON Conference have all been widely published in scientific journals.

The next BON conference is to be held July 27-29, 2022 at Downing College, Cambridge, UK.

STAUBER is a proud sponsor of the Brain and Ocular Nutrition Group.  This conference provides a scientific forum for research and the role of nutrition and lifestyle for the eye and brain.  It is a unique community of nutritional scientists that discuss research findings and ideas regarding human health, optimal function and well being.

Let us know if you are interested in becoming a member!