Fermentalg Provides Quality and Sustainability to Omega-3 Consumers

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Fermentalg Provides Quality and Sustainability to Omega-3 Consumers

While consumers are aware of the many health benefits associated with Omega-3’s (cardiovascular, cognitive, and vision health) certain obstacles stand in the way of satisfaction with these essential fatty acids.  Their concerns fall into three major categories including sustainability, purity, and organoleptic (or sensory) quality. And Fermentalg is committed to meeting the complex needs of the modern, health-conscious consumer.

Purity & Sustainability

Awareness of ocean pollutants such as microplastic fragments has increased buyer caution in regards to Omega-3’s found in fish. So, Fermentalg offers microalgae as an alternative to fish oil as a source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids. Using ethical collection procedures, Fermentalg utilizes one-time only collection and above ground clean processes to provide a quality product.

Organoleptic Qualities

And while health and environmental factors are important, consumers also desire a pleasant organoleptic (sensory) experience, not wanting to compromise on smell or taste for a healthy lifestyle.  In fact, a 2019 study found that 11% of consumers are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the taste of the food supplements. Therefore, Fermentalg offers plant-based Omega-3’s which are typically more desirable to the senses, and presently offers two natural oils in colors that are more pleasing to the eye, including yellow and orange (DHA ORIGINS® 550-O). Fermentalg continues to look for new innovations in this area.


On average, consumers will pay increased prices for better health. But the quality of the product must be obvious in terms of sustainability, and purity, while also being desirable to the senses from a visual, taste, and smell perspective. The full details of this White Paper can be found here:

About Fermentalg

Fermentalg’s expertise has been screening and producing microalgae for over a decade.

DHA Origins offers sustainable solutions with consistent quality.  Our high potency algal products are produced in closed fermentation tanks for a 100% controlled and sterile process.  This solvent free process provides a range of all-natural DHA oils:  from high potency 550mg/g, standard 400mg/g and 350mg/g, all without any chemical concentration steps.

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