Functional Beverages

Our functional beverage ingredients ensure that you receive the highest grade, greatest value, and most innovative products on the market today!

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Coffee Fruit

A powerful antioxidant preserved from coffee skin and pulp.

Aquamin-providing bioactive calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace marine minerals


A unique marine multi- mineral complex, providing bio-active calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace minerals.

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Hawkins – Clean Label

e(Lm)inate® V
Organic, Clean label antimicrobial
Clean label phosphate alternative, texturizer
Ingredient Works
Resources for Food Safety, Formulations, Shelf Life, Quality & Efficiencies

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Pomma+ Nectar

An all-natural, antioxidant rich sweetener and clean-label flavor.

Jungbunzlauer Calcium Citrate

Minteral + Gums

A unique range of high purity organic mineral sources and other ingredients for fortification.

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Algal DHA

Fermentalg’s expertise has been screening and producing microalgae for over a decade.

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T. Hasegawa
Savory, Cooking Flavors

Flavors with excellent taste and aroma to fit form and function.