Lemnature™ Protein Powder & Fiber Powder

Introducing new novel plant-based ingredients that are minimally processed and produced in a highly sustainable manner that delivers superior nutritional benefits!

It all begins with Lemnaceae

Starting with the all-natural Lemnaceae aquatic plant, we strive to create a model to feed the world and improve health with plant-powered foods through a global, highly sustainable aquaculture footprint. From that, we’ve created a nutritious protein powder and fiber powder.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Tapping into the potential of aquaculture, we’ve built an integrated growth and processing system that transforms marginal, non-agricultural land into thriving productive areas. Our vision is to become one of the world’s leading and environmentally conscious providers of plant-based nutrition.

Introducing Lemnature™ Protein Powder - Coming Soon!

Functionality: Superior soluble and dispersibility

Introducing Lemnature™ Fiber Powder

Functionality: Moisture binding & emulsification


An impressive list of label friendly options

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