70GA Dry Ahiflower® Oil

CoreFX Ingredients and Natures Crops International have partnered to create an innovative new product: 70GA Dry
Ahiflower® Oil on organic gum acacia. Ahiflower® oil is a uniquely balanced source of vegan-friendly and
environmentally sustainable essential fatty acids. This plant-based powerhouse delivers the highest available source
of SDA omega-3; which is converted by the body to EPA and DHA. It also provides as much omega-6 GLA as the
popular plant-based omega source, evening primrose oil – one plant, endless possibilities.

Stauber is a key supplier and wholesale distributor of 70GA Dry Ahiflower® Oil. Product is immediately available.

Complete Omegas, One Extraordinary Plant.

• Highest available oil payload in the United States!

• Delivers nutritional value of the oil where convenience of a powder formula is key in product application.

• Offers minimal warehouse storage capacity and ideal shelf-life reliability.

• Builds greater sensory experience – enhances appearance, mouthfeel, and texture to end applications.

• Neutral, clean finish for added nutritional benefits without harsh or undesirable flavors.

Ahiflower® Oil Benefits

Nature’s most potent and advanced omega 3+6 fatty acid source from a plant seed

Ahiflower boosts live probiotic survival into the small intestine

Ahiflower is the highest available source of SDA omega-3 which is converted by the body efficiently to EPA and DHA

Supplies the most diverse array of anti-inflammatory oxylipin precursors

Dry Ahiflower® Oil Applications

Qualities of Dry Ahiflower® Oil​

No GMO's

Free from all FDA listed allergens

Kosher Certified

Finished Product Manufactured in the US

Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly

Halal Certified