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Astaferm® Yeast Derived Astaxanthin — Fast and Effective Absorption with Superior Organoleptic Properties

Astaferm® by NextFerm is an exclusive astaxanthin-rich extract derived from the Phaffia yeast.

Astaferm®’s fermentation process represents the most efficient, innovative, sustainable, and natural way of producing a non-GMO, high quality form of astaxanthin.

Astaferm® is highly potent and has a neutral flavor and odor, which makes it readily applicable in gummies, while minimizing unnecessary additives and maximizing the ability to add more actives per dose.

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Technologies & Delivery Systems

30% flavorless powder for high potency gummies

5% CWD fine powder for beverage applications

10% Oleorsin for softgel applications

5% Oleorsin for softgel applications

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