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Bovine Whey Colostrum Supplier

Exclusive colostral whey isolate promoting gut health and daily immunity.

Bovine colostrum is manufactured by Zinpro® in the USA.

Domestically sourced in the USA from Certified Grade A Dairies
Domestically sourced in the USA from Certified Grade A Dairies
Domestically sourced in the USA from Certified Grade A Dairies
Domestically sourced in the USA from Certified Grade A Dairies
“HIgGH GOLD” uses the unique, proprietary PathWhey™ process to deliver the highest quality colostrum, designed to support gut health & immunity.

“HlgGH GOLD” stands out as a premier bovine colostrum ingredient, crafted with precision through our patented PathWhey™ method. This exclusive process eliminates non-essential elements like fat and casein, focusing solely on the nutrient-rich whey portion, resulting in a highly soluble, concentrated source of antibodies with an impressive 40%-50% Immunoglobulin G (IgG) content.

At the core of “HlgGH GOLD’s” effectiveness is our unique PathWhey™ technique, meticulously concentr ating the whey fraction and immune components, ensuring a pure, high-quality product. By removing casein and fat, “HlgGH GOLD” offers a premium colostrum ingredient, specifically designed to enhance gut health and fortify the immune system.

Immune components *

Nutrient components

Immune components *

Nutrient components

Does no contain

Gluten, Nuts, Yeast, Soy, Corn, Egg, Fish, Shellfish

Free from

Casein, GMOs, Artificial Hormones



*Other components include immunoglobulins (A, M, D & E), growth factors (IGF-1, IGF-2, EGF, TGF, PGF), lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, and various cytokines.

HIgGH GOLD is made exclusively in the USA,
sourced from over 1000 USDA-Certified Grade A Dairy Farms

Bovine colostrum offers diverse health benefits,
promoting overall well-being and immunity

Immune System Support

Bovine colostrum is rich in immunoglobulins, antibodies, and other immune-boosting factors.

Gut Health Improvement

Colostrum contains growth factors that support the development and maintenance of a healthy digestive tract.

Antimicrobial Properties

Colostrum contains lactoferrin and lysozyme, which may contribute to overall immune health.

Enhanced Athletic Performance and Recovery

Bovine colostrum has been studied for its potential to improve exercise performance and support faster recovery.

Nutrient-Rich Composition

Bovine colostrum is a rich source of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It provides a concentrated dose of bioactive compounds that contribute to overall health and well-being.

Promotion of Lean Muscle Mass

The growth factors in colostrum, including insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), can support the development of lean muscle mass. This makes it a potential supplement for athletes and individuals engaged in strength training.

From health to performance: colostrum's varied uses





Frequently asked questions

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Elemend Health sources colostrum from Grade A dairy farms in the United States. On these farms, balance mixed rations are fed daily that meet the nutrient requirements of the dairy cow, which includes the use of plant-based ingredients (e.g. grass, hay, corn, etc.). As a general practice, artificial hormones (i.e rBST) are not administered and all reasonable efforts are made to ensure that farmers do not unnecessarily use antibiotics. Herd health audits (e.g. vaccination schedule, treatments, visual observation, etc.) are conducted on a regular basis and meetings are held with each farm to discuss audit outcomes.
Colostrum, or the first two milkings at the start of lactation, is collected from the dairy cow. These two milkings typically contain 25% IgG and 55% total protein. We then use a unique, proprietary processing method that gently concentrates the whey fraction (remove casein and fat) and valuable immune components, and also provides protection during heat treatment*. The product is standardized to 40% IgG – 70% total protein (min.) The final form is an instantized, soluble colostral whey isolate powder.

* A pasteurization process is required by USDA.
Casein is a protein that is slowly digested in the gut, which can potentially interfere with absorption of other nutrients. Also, casein is known to be a common human milk protein allergen. Fat will oxidize over time and reduce the shelf life of the product.
The whey fraction of bovine colostrum contains high quality protein and concentrated immune components, including immunoglobulins (G, A, M, D & E), growth factors (IGF-1, IGF-2, EGF, TGF, PGF), lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, and various cytokines.
No genetically modified organisms are used in the manufacture of HIgGH GOLD. Colostrum itself is consider non-GMO by the US Department of Agriculture (

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