Plant Based Partners

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We are proud to share some of our premium plant based ingredients.

We are delighted to offer….

A unique plant based multi-mineral complex, providing bio-active calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace minerals.


Clinically proven to support health for healthy coats, skin, joint and mobility support within 14 days and offers antioxidant support from free radicals and oxidative stress.

Plant origin proteins that offer an alternative for dairy and other plant proteins such as pea and soy.

Pulse ingredients for healthy diets and a sustainable world. Avena Foods Peas Hull Fibers (FDA “intrinsic & intact”), lentil, chickpea, beans and pea flours, grit and extrudates

The leading specialty formulator and manufacturer of custom probiotic-based formulations and blends.

Custom lipid ingredients that deliver a wide range of functional attributes.

Coconut Milk/Cream Powders that have high versatility and appeal for food and innovation.

High-quality enzymes derived from fermented microbial, plant, and animal sources.

Yellow & Green Chlorella from Daesang products

High quality carotenoids derived from marigold petals – including a unique eye health product, Xanthosight.

Minimally processed plant-based protein and fiber powders that deliver superior nutritional benefits.

Whole life-cycle mushroom powders provide full spectrum bioactives. Recommended by vets, horsemen and pet owners. Made in the USA.

Natural plant-based licorice products.

A unique, enzyme-treated organic Monk Fruit extract with a preferred taste profile.

Intense taste profile allows up to 20% reduction with a bang of flavor.

A high-quality, pure pomegranate powder extract.

A patented resistant potato starch ingredient.

Naturally sourced no calorie sweetener for ready to drink beverages, powder beverages, and table top no calorie sweeteners.

Organic and nutrient rich kelp ingredients.