STAUBER Partner Fermentalg Receives Vegan Certification

We are excited to announce that Fermentalg has received vegan certification!

This vegan certification guarantees that Fermentalg products are entirely free of animal involvement, whether for purposes of ingredients or animal testing. It confirms that Fermentalg completely avoids cross-contamination from animal substances and that their manufacturing, product development and ingredients are not involved in the use of any animal products or animal testing. You can find their Vegan Certification certificate here: Certificate-of-Registration.pdf ( Fermentalg is pleased to offer sustainable and ethical ingredient options for those who choose a vegan lifestyle.   STAUBER is committed to our continued promise of partnering with manufacturers that set the industry standard in product quality. For mor information on our partnerships, please visit our Partners page. To browse our ingredients, visit our Ingredient Categories.

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