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ERYLITE® Stevia Product Information:

ERYLITE® Stevia is a unique blend of ERYLITE® and Rebaudioside A, a highly pure stevia plant extract. This blend unites the taste quality, the digestive tolerance and the bulking functionality of ERYLITE® with the sweetening capacity of stevia plant extracts. The result is a zero calorie sweetening system with excellent taste and full bulk sweetener functionality.

ERYLITE® Stevia is available in a range of different sweetness levels with individual suitability to food and beverage applications.

ERYLITE® Stevia Application:

  • Food, Beverages, Weight Management
  • Suitable for Diabetic and Healthy Lifestyle Products

ERYLITE® Stevia Additional Information

A unique blend of Erythritol and Rebaudioside A.  ERYLITE® Stevia blends a preferred taste profile, digestive tolerance and the bulking functionality of Erylite with the sweetening capacity of stevia plant extracts. Available in a range of different sweetness levels

ERYLITE® is a fermentation based bulk sweetener. It has zero calories perfect for low calorie foods and beverages. It has a clean sweet taste and a glycemic index of zero.


ERYLITE® Stevia 400 Product Specification

  • Food Grade (FCC, EU)
  • Sweetening capacity (compared to sucrose):  4
  • Erythritol: min. 98 %
  • Rebaudioside A (Reb A): max. 2 %
  • Purity (Reb A): > 97 %
  • Description: free flowing powder
  • Characteristics: White, granular crystals, sweet taste, soluble in water

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