A Message from our CEO, Patrick Hawkins

Patrick Hawkins

CEO, Patrick Hawkins

Our ingredients are used in essential products everyday and we do all we can to support our customer needs. The uncertainty of our role during this pandemic quickly disappeared throughout the entire organization once we realized how many products and services we are associated with throughout North America. We knew we had to act quickly to allow us to be a best prepared as possible.

We have taken steps to mitigate inventory risks with increased safety stock and implementing FSMA compliance for qualification of new ingredient partners. Quality of our products and reliability of our supply chain are critical during these unpredictable times and we continue to pay close attention to the needs of our customers.

We have structures in place to keep our team of dedicated employees safe, healthy and efficient during these unprecedented times to ensure business runs smoothly. We continue to operate with a full work force and also strive to be the best employer possible during these challenging times.

The dedication to our customers, suppliers, partners and employees is unwavering and will never stop. The sense of urgency within our entire workforce has never been greater as we all realize how critical our role is during this period of time.

We can never say “Thank you” enough to our valuable customers and partners and we are all here to say it again. THANK YOU FROM THE ENTIRE HAWKINS/STAUBER ORGANIZATION!!