Hawkins (NASDAQ: HWKN) is a leading ingredients and chemicals formulator, manufacturer, blender, and distributor serving 16 diverse markets in three distinct segments. This incredible market coverage coupled with our widespread domestic infrastructure provide market stability and access to some of the most reliable suppliers in these times of market scarcity.

Hawkins has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade, fueled in part by the acquisition of STAUBER Performance Ingredients in 2015. This strategic partnership brought together two formidable players in their respective industries – each with a passion for innovation and quality, and a commitment to their customers’ success.

A Message from our CEO, Patrick Hawkins

Our ingredients are used in essential products every day and we do all we can to support our customer needs. The pandemic and supply chain shortages for ingredients and chemistry pose real challenges for our customers. We continue to pay close attention to their needs with unwavering support through these times of uncertainty.

We know that the quality of our products and reliability of our supply chain are critical and have worked to mitigate inventory risks by increasing our storage and inventory using our buying power, domestic infrastructure, and market knowledge.

Our dedication to our customers, suppliers, partners, and employees is unwavering. Our sense of urgency throughout our entire workforce has never been greater as we realize how critical our role is during this period of uncertainty.

We can never say “Thank you” enough to our valuable customers and partners from the entire Hawkins/STAUBER organization!!

Patrick Hawkins
CEO, Patrick Hawkins