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Who are we?

CoreFX Ingredients specializes in the development and manufacturing of dry lipid-based nutritional oils. Our goal is to provide custom formulations that bring manufacturers and retailers innovative products to a rapidly growing health-conscious market. We are industry experts in spray drying, spray coating, liposomal, and nanoencapsulation technology!

Nourishing and nurturing bodies and minds through science-based innovative technologies, creativity, agility, and unparalleled customer service.

Why Choose CoreFX?

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Industry Leader

We are known as the industry-leading entrepreneurs, adding value, and creating disruptive lipid-based ingredient solutions safely and efficiently.
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Customized Solutions

We possess the ability to design custom ingredients across a range of properties, without compromising on taste or functionality.
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Our methods of technological innovation offer rapid, continuous, reproducible, and scalable solutions.
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Customer Service

Ask anyone who’s worked with us and they’ll tell you: we never fail to deliver on our promise of speed, agility, and day-to-day responsiveness.
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Global Sourcing Capabilities

We possess the ability to source both locally and globally to benefit your business’ needs, costs, and production capacity.

Markets We Serve

CoreFX Ingredients understands the importance of putting your mental and physical well-being first. We believe health through nutrition is the foundation to nourishing and nurturing the body and mind. In doing so, we offer an array of solutions in the health and wellness, functional food and beverage, and pet food markets.
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From the everyday active consumer to high performance athletes, the sports nutrition market has been through a wave of changes to deliver solutions for everyone. A global uptake in proactive health is motivating consumers to be more conscious of how their lifestyles may impact long-term quality of life. CoreFX Ingredients has developed readily available, top shelf lipid-based stable powders for athletes.
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Today’s health conscious consumers are seeking cleaner, plant-based energy sources to fuel their busy lifestyles. Nutritional lipids are the ideal solution for clean label products catering to the personal nutrition, medical food, supplement, and nutraceutical markets. With the growing demand for high value oils, CoreFX Ingredients has developed a range of dry stable powders rich in energy-boosting fatty acids, antioxidants, and omegas.
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The pet food market follows the health and food trends comparable to that of humans. As demand increases for cleaner, highly nutritional pet products, there is a greater need for specialized formulations. At CoreFX Ingredients we offer a range of nutritional and dairy-based products dedicated to your companion’s health and nutrition.
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The single most powerful trend in today’s market is the consumer’s desire for energy sustaining ingredients that enhance overall mental and physical health. It has become one of the key drivers of innovation in the functional food and beverage industry. To meet this growing demand, CoreFX Ingredients has developed a wide range of stable powdered emulsions for nutritional, functional, and supplement applications.

Technology Innovations

CoreFX Ingredients works with state-of-the-art technology to spray dry, spray coat, liposomal encapsulate, and nano encapsulate our innovative ingredients. Our formulations have high water solubility and emulsification properties to protect flavor and product performance. Sourced from naturally occuring derivatives, our ingredients are rich in energy-boosting fatty acids and antioxidants, while still offering the convenience of a powder.

Spray Dried Emulsion Technology

CoreFX lipid spray drying delivers optimal water dispersibility and convenience. Our stable emulsions create microencapsulated oil powders. The encapsulation process ensures unique characteristics for broad applications.

Spray Coating Technology:

CoreFX Spray Coating Technology converts sensitive oils to a dry, flowable powder without heat. This provides protection against environmental degradation, masks undesirable flavors, color changes or odors, and improves overall density, flow, and convenience.

New Technologies Coming Soon…

LiposomalFX Technology

CoreFX Liposomal Encapsulation Technology can increase absorption and bioavailability of water soluble or insoluble nutrients in the body via a dry phospholipid bilayer. This is particularly important for active micro-components such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, caffeine, and nootropics.

NanoFX Technology

CoreFX Nanoencapsulation Technology creates a 10-fold reduction in lipid emulsion powdered oil droplet size, stabilizing active lipids even more than microencapsulation. It can increase shelf life and may produce higher bioavailability than fats and oils in their original state, allowing the body to absorb functional lipids more effectively.

Benefits of Spray Drying

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High Functionality

Our technologies create stable, functional powders that are readily usable in a variety of mainstream food and beverages as well as nutritional, supplement, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical applications.
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High Quality Powdered Ingredients

Compared to other conventional drying techniques, CoreFX Ingredients’ technologies offer the attractive advantage of producing highly bioavailable ingredients in a simple and continuous process, offering optimal quality and mouthfeel.
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Protection of Lipids and Taste

Our technology creates products that deliver consistent and reliable sensory qualities. Encapsulating oils into dry powders also allows for maintaining neutral and subtle flavor profiles.
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Cost Effective

Our capabilities offer rapid, continuous, cost-effective, reproducible, and scalable processes to produce dry nutritional powders. Our specialized spray drying process can be associated with decreased costs of production and increased economic viability.
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Storage and Convenience

These technological processes enable long term storage of otherwise sensitive fats and oils at ambient temperatures without the need for refrigeration. Incorporation of dry stable powders into food and beverage recipes offers a convenient additive to enhance nutritional value and overall mouthfeel.

Stauber is a key supplier and wholesale distributor of 70GA Dry Ahiflower® Oil. Product is immediately available.

70GA Dry Ahiflower® Oil

CoreFX Ingredients and Natures Crops International have partnered to create an innovative new product: 70GA Dry Ahiflower® Oil on organic gum acacia. Ahiflower® oil is a uniquely balanced source of vegan-friendly and environmentally sustainable essential fatty acids. This plant-based powerhouse delivers the highest available source of SDA omega-3; which is converted by the body to EPA and DHA. It also provides as much omega-6 GLA as the popular plant-based omega source, evening primrose oil – one plant, endless possibilities.

Complete Omegas, One Extraordinary Plant.

Ahiflower® Oil Benefits

Dry Ahiflower® Oil Applications

Qualities of Dry Ahiflower® Oil

No GMO's

Kosher Certified

Halal Certified

Free from all FDA listed allergens

Finished Product Manufactured in the US

Vegetarian & Vegan-Friendly

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