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Plant Origin Proteins

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Atura Plant Proteins lentils favas chickpeas

Atura is a newly developed line of plant origin proteins that offer exciting formulation opportunities for dairy alternatives and other traditional plant-protein and vegan alternatives, such as pea and soy.

Atura utilizes a clean extraction process that is kind to the raw material so that all of the important nutrients are retained, ensuring that the optimum levels of protein and amino acids remain in place for use in the finished isolates. 

Atura’s plant proteins are here to inspire and enable the food and beverage industry to sustainably meet the demand for protein-rich, plant-based and vegan diets.

ATURA’s Protein Offerings

Chickpea Protein

Chickpea Protein Isolate 80%

Chickpea Protein Concentrate 45%

Rich in BCAA’s, and is ideal for a variety of applications such as plant milks alternatives, baked goods and snacks.

Red Lentil Protein

Red Lentil Protein Isolate  80%

Red Lentil Protein Concentrate 60%

Rich in amino acids , delivering excellent functionality for savory food applications and is ideal for active nutrition, plant meat analogs and more!

Fava Bean Protein

 Fava bean Protein Isolate 80%

Fava bean Protein Concentrate 60%

 Rich in amino acids, and is a perfect source of protein for both sweet and savory foods


  • High in Protein > 80%
  • High in BCAAs
  • High in Essential Amino Acids
  • Good Digestibility
  • Low in Saturated Fats
  • Excellent Nutritional Profile
  • Bioavailable


  • Good Dispersibility
  • Good Emulsifier
  • Good Texture & Mouthfeel
  • Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

Taste & Color

  • Clean Neutral
  • Pale Tan Color
  • Ideal for Sweet and Savoury Foods


  • Kosher & Halal
  • Vegan
  • Allergen Free
  • Made in Europe
  • Clean Label
  • GMO Free

We simply shape what nature provides into sustainable protein ingredients, backed with science and market know-how.

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