Scientific Advisory Board

STAUBER’s Scientific Advisory Board is an independent panel of scientific and industry experts that perform        detailed technical reviews of the current and newly introduced products in our vast portfolio.
The board’s collective expertise spans a wide range of fields from health, wellness, nutrition,                            phytochemistry, supplementation, medicine and much more. With their support we continue to offer                             quality and high value products with transparency and traceability.

Anthony Almada, MSc

Anthony has worked in the natural products industry since 1975. He obtained his MSc in Nutritional Sciences at UC Berkeley, completing a research thesis in antioxidant and exercise biochemistry. In 1990 he co-created the “thermogenic” category of dietary supplements. In 1992 he co-founded EAS, (sold to Abbott in 2005 for $320 million) introducing creatine monohydrate and evidence-based performance nutrition. He has collaborated on over 90 university- and private research center-based clinical trials. He is a frequent expert in class action litigation has been an invited presenter at the FTC and the NIH, and been quoted in the New York Times, Forbes, and Bloomberg. He leads IMAGINutrition, Inc., a think tank focusing upon innovation/intellectual properties, strategic clinical research, and demand creation across dietary supplements, conventional and medical foods, beverages, cosmetics, and animal supplements and foods.

Ari Mackler, PhD, MBA

A scientist by training, Ari obtained his Ph.D. from Loma Linda University’s Center for Perinatal Biology and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Upon completing his scientific training, Ari joined the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on reproductive medicine and oncology. After a decade in pharma, he concluded his tenure at Merck & Co. During this time, Ari completed his MBA at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. In 2011, he joined The Wonderful Company as Vice President of Clinical Development to develop consumer- and regulatory-relevant research and programming in support of a wide range of food and agricultural products. Ari joined PLUS Products in 2019 to serve as both Chief Product & Scientific Officer in order to focus his attention on cannabis-related chemistry and technologies.

Jim Roufs, MS, RD

Owner of Intelligent Nutrition
Jim is a consultant in the dietary supplement industry assisting companies, celebrities and well-known MDs in all aspects of product development, including product formulation, scientific validation, and claims substantiation. Prior to becoming a consultant over 15 years ago, Jim headed up New Product Development for world’s largest dietary supplement brand and prior to that headed up Product Development for leading companies in the dietary supplement industry, including the 12th fastest growth company in the US as well as the fastest growing network marketing company in US history. Jim is a patent holder as well as published in both scientific and lay journals, along with having taught nutrition at the university level. Jim has also helped bring new ingredients to the marketplace including helping his client win NutrAward’s Best New Ingredient. Jim’s primary focus is finding the most clinically effective ingredients, products and technologies and assisting his clients in bringing them to the marketplace.

Lorna Vanderhaeghe, MS

Medical journalist, author, leading industry expert, women’s health expert
Lorna is a women’s natural health expert who has been researching and writing on the subject of nutritional medicine for over 35 years. In 2009, Lorna won the Canadian Health Food Association’s most prestigious award, the Hall of Fame Award. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 Lorna was one of Canada’s top one hundred female entrepreneurs. Lorna developed a line of women’s nutrition supplements under her brand called Smart Nutrients. She sold her supplement business to Jamieson Wellness in 2014.

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