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Providing Value through Supplier Quality & Food Safety

A Sought-After Value-Add for Our Supplier Partners

STAUBER’s Quality Management System (QMS) includes the maintenance of a supply-chain program for domestic and foreign manufacturers, and a robust Supplier and Ingredient Qualification process. We perform risk assessments on each new raw material proposed to enter our supply chain to confirm compliance with FSMA regulations and industry expectations. STAUBER has several PCQIs on staff to perform and review these assessments.

STAUBER strives to partner with manufacturers with GFSI benchmarked quality standards and has been an industry leader in educating suppliers and partner manufacturers regarding FSMA and HARPC principles and working to enhance food safety measures and demonstrate compliance with regulations. Our supplier partners consider their relationship with the STAUBER Quality Team to be a value-add to their organizations.

Zero Compromise with Ingredient Safety and Integrity

STAUBER’s entire team is passionate about ensuring the safety and quality of ingredients we supply. We are extremely vigilant and proactive about protecting the integrity of our products as well as the supply chain.

STAUBER has an established, documented, and maintained Quality Management System (QMS), where all employees are committed to the improvement of the system and assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. STAUBER is FSMA compliant with Preventive Controls and an active FSVP. We educate and promote Food Safety Culture throughout the organization and externally.

Our experience ensures we meet the documentation and qualification needs of our customers. In short, our empowered teams strive to provide exceptional and efficient service

The Highest Levels of Quality in both Distribution and Manufacturing

STAUBER follows a stringent process for receiving, inspecting, and releasing raw materials, ensuring FIFO/FEFO as well as proper allergen segregation of raw materials and finished products at our warehouse and production locations.

Distributed Ingredients

Our distribution center in California serves as both our office and warehouse facility where product is received and shipped in its original manufacturer packaging. Our seasoned Quality team ensures FSMA compliance, and maintains processes for Allergen Management, Change Notifications, Complaint Management, Training, Pest Control, Traceability, Recall and more.

STAUBER’s New York facility is dedicated to processing with exceptional capabilities and solutions. We are FSMA compliant and SQF certified and have a comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System that targets continuous improvement. Our entire staff of professionals is highly trained, and our Quality Department includes an experienced PhD, Chemists, SQF Practitioners, and PCQIs.

Our on-site lab utilizes state-of-the-art equipment such as UPLC, Atomic Absorption, FTIR Spectroscopy, UV/VIS, CPC Titration and Karl Fischer Titration. Our lab capabilities include potency/active component testing, physical testing (density, moisture, particle size, organoleptic), and microbiological testing.

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