The development of the patented, unique one-of-a-kind PANMOL® VITAL SUBSTANCES (by vis vitalis gmbh) with botanical complexities and high efficiency creates new perspectives in nutraceutical science. PANMOL® combines nature, technology and innovation as a valuable basis for high-quality micro-nutrient preparations or innovative foods.

We are a proud distributor of the following PANMOL® ingredients: Organic PANMOL® B-COMPLEX, PANMOL® NADH, PANMOL® VITAMINS and PANMOL® MONOSUBSTANCES.


  • 1 g offers 100 % RDI* of all B vitamins in biologically active forms
  • Certified Organic by QAI
  • Organic and botanical B vitamins from quinoa sprouts
  • Clinically tested to support regenerative processes
  • Unique, high, standardized vitamin concentration (100 x higher than in whole grain)
  • For capsules, tablets, oral powders
  • For food


  • The pure active NADH concentration in PANMOL® NADH is 10 %
  • Biologically active Vitamin B3 (niacin) with plant fat, bees way and chlorophyll
  • Uniquely stabilized NADH
  • Long lasting shelf life (3 years)
  • Resistant to gastric juices due to special coating
  • Combinable with other active and non-active ingredients
  • For capsules
  • NADH supports cognitive health, energy, alertness, memory and concentration
  • Learn more about NADH


  • 1 g offers 50 % RDI* of all vital vitamins in biologically active forms
  • Available with Vitamin D3 (vegetarian)
  • Produced from quinoa sprouts (Organic PANMOL® B-COMPLEX), floral oils, acerola cherries, Blakeslea trispora, sunflowers and sheep wool fat
  • For capsules, tablets and oral powders
  • For food


  • 1 g offers 500 % RDI* of one particular vitamin
  • Quinoa germinated with one particular vitamin
  • *US RDI = Reference Daily Intake in 21 CFR 1o1.9(c)(8)(iv)
*US RDI = Reference Daily Intake in 21 CFR 1o1.9(c)(8)(iv)
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