Aquamin Featured in Nutrition Industry Executive Magazine

New Frontier for Nutritional Ingredients

Aquamin was featured in the October 2016 issue of Nutrition Industry Executive Magazine. The article focuses on the ocean as a new frontier for nutritional ingredients.  

To summarize, the article discusses that as market understanding of marine ingredients increases, demand will follow. “Market awareness for marine ingredients continues to grow,” said David O’Leary, commercial manager of Aquamin Ltd.  “New research and growing awareness at the producer and consumer levels about the benefits of marine-derived ingredients and marine-based bioactives has never been as high. The extent of nutritional products that are available from marine sources as alternatives to land-based offerings continues to increase. This is evidenced by marine origin alginates, algal DHA, EPA Omega-3, seaweed minerals, spirulina, hydrolyzed fish proteins and peptides to seaweed polyphenols. The list is growing.”

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