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Soviia Agave: Agave Nectar and Agave Inulin Powder
Grown and processed under the strictest USDA standards to ensure the highest quality, purity and food safety for our customers. ISO 9001:2008 certified. Free of pesticide and fungicides, GMO ingredients, and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Certified USDA Organic, Non GMO, FDA GRAS, Vegan, & Gluten Free.

Prebiotic Fiber with 90% fiber content.

Sustainable and charitable business practices

Cold water soluble with a sweet taste.

Perfect taste and texture for gummies and bars without stickiness.

Lower glycemic index compared to sugar.

Clean label option for replacement of sugar, honey, HFCS and HIS.

Derived from young agave plants before they develop high fructose.

GRAS, Kosher, Vegan

Supports colon and gut health, Immune health.


Milk Chocolate, Gummies, Cookies, Cereal Bars, Pralines, and Natural Yogurt.

Milk Chocolate

Contains 30% Sweet Agave Powder and >5% Agave Inulin

Substitution of Sugar significantly decreases the sucrose content

Low Glycemic Index Lower glycemic index compared with sugar

More Intense Chocolate Flavor with neutral sweetness that does not mask the taste of chocolate

Excellent Shine and Texture that decreases sugar bloom


Contains 30% Sweet Agave Powder and >5% Agave Inulin, avoids the sticky feeling.

Healthier Options. Lower Glycemic Index compared with sugar, avoids the sticky feeling.

Perfect Taste. Even in citrus gummies, you can feel the interaction of the acid taste and the explosion of sweetness due to the agave syrup.

Friendly Texture. Agave Inulin provides a smooth texture with no stickiness.

Prebiotic Fiber. Agave Inulin supports intestinal flora.


Contains 20% Sweet Agave Powder and 2.5 % Agave Inulin.

Healthier Option. Lower Glycemic Index compared with sugar.

Perfect Taste. Promotes proper interaction between the sweetness and the flavor of the cookie.

The Texture is Important. Inulin helps to provide excellent integration of ingredients without a greasy feeling. A significant percentage of fat can be replaced by using the agave inulin while still maintaining structure and stability.

Prebiotic Fiber. Agave Inulin supports intestinal flora.

Cereal Bar

Contains 21% Agave Syrup and 15% Agave Inulin.

Soft and Crispy. The agave syrup provides an excellent balance between the combination of the ingredients without losing the crispy sensation. Inulin aids in building the structure of the bar, improving consistency.

Sweet Taste. Provides a natural sweetness that does not interfere with the taste of the ingredients.

Functional Bar. Inulin is a prebiotic fiber that supports a better intestinal delivery, providing a feeling of fullness.


Contains 20% Sweet Agave Powder and 5% Agave Inulin

Does not contain sugar Agave syrup serves as a sugar substitute.

Sweetness Improves sweetness compared with other sweeteners, allows flavors to interact correctly.

Proper Texture The content of agave syrup provides the perfect bond, avoiding crumbling.

Natural Yogurt

Contains Agave Inulin

Texture. Incorporating agave inulin into a yogurt formulation benefits the consistency while providing creaminess and stability.

Sweet Taste. Provides natural sweetness, maintains a creamy feeling.

Fiber. Agave inulin is a prebiotic fiber that promoted a better intestinal delivery.

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