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Functional lipid combinations utilizing micro-encapsulated and liposomal emulsion technologies.

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• MCT Oil Powder
• White Rice Powder

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High-value nutritional powders rich in natural energy-boosting fatty acids, antioxidants and omega’s.

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• Liposomal Vitamin C
• Algae Oil Powder
• Borage Oil Powder

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Spray-dried healthy fats for nutritional, functional and supplement applications.

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• MCT Oil Powder
• Avocado Oil Powder
• Olive Oil Powder

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Nutritional, dairy and cheese powder ingredient solutions delivering imparting functional benefits and taste.

Discover some of our products…
• Antioxidant Powder
• High Caprylic MCT Oil Powder
• Range of Cheese Powders

Customized Solutions

We possess the ability to design custom ingredients across a range of properties, without compromising on flavor or functionality.


Our method of spray drying stable fat and oil emulsions is a rapid, continuous, cost-effective, reproducible and scalable process.

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Our Innovative Technology of Spray Drying

At CoreFX, we’re using our customized technology of spray drying which converts liquid oil/water emulsions into free-flowing powders with optimized particle size, density and flow to extend shelf life while easily scaling and incorporating into foods and beverages. And remember, all our ingredients are made in the USA.

Benefits of Spray Drying

High Quality Powdered Ingredients

Compared to other conventional microencapsulation techniques, spray drying offers the attractive advantage of producing microcapsules in a relatively simple continuous processing operation ensuring powder quality remains consistent.

High Functionality

Our method of spray drying stable fat and oil emulsions creates functional convenient powders with high fat/oil loads which can be readily used in mainstream food and beverage as well as nutritional, supplement /nutraceutical /pharmaceutical applications.

Protection of Fats/Oils & Flavor

The stable emulsion process ensures that fats and oils are protected from air and light thereby extending shelf life considerably. The encapsulation process ensures flavor is protected but also allows for enjoyment of pleasant flavor profiles appealing to food and beverage applications.

Storage & Convenience

The microencapsulation process via spray drying allows for long term storage of otherwise sensitive fats and oils at ambient temperatures without the need for refrigeration. Incorporation of dry stable powders into food and beverage recipes is far more convenient than incorporation of fats an oils in their native state.