STAUBER PERFORMANCE INGREDIENTS Named Nutrition Industry Executive Magazine’s Supplier of the Month

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Shirley Rozeboom interview for Supplier of the Month

STAUBER PERFORMANCE INGREDIENTS Named Nutrition Industry Executive Magazine’s Supplier of the Month.

Since 1969, STAUBER has consistently offered the finest quality ingredients to the nutritional, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and pet care industries. The company was founded on the principle of partnering with manufacturers that provide the highest level of product and service.

From STAUBER’s corporate office in Fullerton, CA, manufacturing capabilities under the company’s control in New York, warehouses in four strategic geographic locations and alliances with major freight companies, STAUBER is able to react quickly and deliver customer needs by being a complete solution provider.

STAUBER said its success is due to a passion for innovation. The company is a one-stop, forward-thinking supplier of a broad spectrum of solutions for the ingredient industry. The ingredients STAUBER uses lead to breakthrough products for its customers. The company’s innovation is also reflected in the areas of quality assurance, lower minimums, abundant inventory, agility, responsiveness, in-house proprietary capabilities and full transparency in how STAUBER does business.

STAUBER’s mission is to supply high-quality products and innovative solutions with an exceptional level of customer service. The company will adapt quickly to the changing needs of its customers with a keen focus on technical expertise, teamwork, safety, and responsible care of the environment and of its community while striving to maximize long-term shareholder value.

Shirley Rozeboom was named vice president of health and nutrition in April 2019. Prior to this she was senior vice president – sales from 2015 to 2019 and has held numerous positions with STAUBER since 2000.

NIE: STAUBER’s foundational pillars are ingredients, innovation and expertise. How does the company utilize these pillars to assist their customers?

Rozeboom: The three foundational pillars allow STAUBER to adapt quickly to the changing needs of our customers with a keen focus on technical expertise. Given the breath of our product offering, this has allowed us to be a resource for our customers and attract quality brand manufacturers to

our company.

NIE: Quality seems to be an important aspect of the company. What steps does STAUBER take to ensure quality?

Rozeboom: STAUBER represents and warrants that it will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations relating to its supply of products. We also ensure that all products are regulated by FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) and are manufactured according to current cGMPs (current good manufacturing practices), under the provisions of 21 CFR Part 117.

NIE: STAUBER was rated No. 1 in overall performance among distributors in the U.S. What does recognition like this mean for the company?

Rozeboom: It is a true honor to receive this type of recognition as this is attributed to our dedicated sales force and customer service team, along with the supporting departments, whose primary focus is to exceed the level of customer service we provide to both our customers and suppliers.

NIE: This year marks STAUBER’s 50th anniversary. What is the company doing to celebrate this milestone and what is STAUBER’s vision for the company’s future?

Rozeboom: We are celebrating throughout the year, alongside our employees, customers and key partners, who have contributed to the success of STAUBER. We are also hosting a customer/supplier event at SSW (SupplySide West) to show appreciation of their partnership, as they have been instrumental in reaching this milestone. Being a part of HAWKINS [STAUBER was acquired by Minnesota-bases Hawkins, Inc. in 2015] provides long term stability, and allows us to adapt to the fluidity of the market, as well as explore new market segments that will support the future growth of our organization.

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