Custom Dairy and Specialty Lipid Ingredients

CoreFX specializes in custom dairy and specialty lipid ingredients that deliver the widest possible range of functional attributes. They work great, taste great, and satisfy consumer demands for natural, better-for-you foods.
STAUBER has partnered with CoreFX because their functional, delicious, and wholesome ingredients go hand in hand with their deep industry knowledge and technical expertise.

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NutriCoreFX™ dry nutritional lipids allow food makers to deliver the nutritional value of healthy fats in a dry stable convenient form. These highly functional systems are capable of achieving your desired flavor, body, texture, and appearance in many end-use nutritional products including meal replacers, functional drinks, sports drinks, diet products, and dietary supplements. 

Among the Benefits of Nutritional Lipid Powders:

  • Delivers nutritional value of the lipid in applications where the convenience of the powder is key.
  • Nutritional value includes metabolism, cognitive improvement, digestion/gut tolerance
  • Enhanced flavor, texture, and creaminess
  • Improved appearance
  • Adds stability to finished product
  • Easy to incorporate into food and beverage systems
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CreamerCoreFX™ creaming agents are spray-dried powdered emulsions made from a variety of oil bases. These powders contain 50-75% fat and are available based on soybean, canola, coconut, safflower, palm, and sunflower oils as well as dairy bases. Powdered fats are spray-dried systems that allow emulsified fats to mix easily with dry-based food products and beverages.

Non-dairy or dairy-based creaming agents are available in both standard and “foaming” formats. These powders are used as a convenient way to add fats to products in order to add creaminess, opacity and adhesive properties.

Among the Benefits of Dry Lipid Solutions:

  • Clean label
  • Offered in a wide variety of flavor profiles to match formulation needs
  • Convenience of concentrated dry powders
  • Ease of storage, handling, and incorporation into finished blends
  • Improved fat distribution in mixes
  • Adds creaminess, opacity, and adhesive properties
  • Enhanced texture and mouthfeel
  • Delivers nutritional properties
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Whether you’re creating a new product, matching a national brand or looking for a custom flavor or color solution, we can help. CoreFX offers a full array of non-GMO, kosher, organic, or natural solutions.

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Hight protein lipid combinations, easy incorporation, instant solubility, flavor matching and convenience via ProCoreFX and NutriCoreFX.

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Enhanced nutritional benefits from lipids in powder form.

Aquamin Red Algae


Powder Lipids to support nutrition for the balanced ketogenic diet plan.

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