Dedicated to research, development, and processing of high-quality organic fibers derived from vegetable raw materials.


Oat Fiber

• Insoluble (cellulose) Fiber extracted from the Oat Hull

• Contributes 0 kcal/g in all applications

• Variety of types available, particle sizes, color, functionality

• Clean Label, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Non-Allergenic

• Process validated for RTE foods

• Organic grade available


Bakery Products, Dairy Products, Food and Beverages.

Sugarcane Fiber

• Fiber (also known as Bagasse) concentrate from the cane during cane juice processing.

• Insoluble (cellulose) fiber

• Does not contain any Sugar (0 sugar)

• Replaces fats and oils in bakery products providing reduction in fat and calories

• Replaces flour to reduce total carbohydrate level

• Neutral in flavor and white to off-white in color

• Clean Label, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Non-Allergenic


Supplements, Foods and Beverages.

Bamboo Fiber

• Insoluble Fiber concentrate from Bamboo

• 92% (as is) total dietary fiber content

• Clean label, non-GMO, Gluten Free, non-allergenic

• Non-digestible carbohydrate

• Contributes 0 kcal/g

• Prevents breakage in fragile product

• Improves texture and extends shelf life


Bakery Products, Nutritional Bars & Beverages, Gluten-Free Products
JRS Potato Fiber

Potato Fiber

• Dietary fiber from Potatoes

• Combination of insoluble and soluble dietary fiber together with resistant starch

• 57% (as is) total dietary fiber content

• Gluten free, non-allergenic, phytic acid-free

• High water retention capacity (up to 1,500%)

• Improves texture and structure

• Increased functionality at higher temperatures


Food and Beverage and Nutritional Supplements
JRS Wheat Fiber

Wheat Fiber

• Dietary Fiber concentrate from Wheat

• 94% (as is) total dietary fiber content

• Insoluble and soluble dietary fiber

• Gluten free, non-allergenic, phytic acid free

• Three-dimensional fiber network

• High oil and water retention capacity (up to 500%)

• Functionality independent from temperature, pressure or pH value


Food and Beverage and Nutritional Supplements


Cantab® Dextrose

Common Name: Compressible Dextrose

CANTAB® is a bright, white powder with a dextrose equivalency specification of 95.0- 99.9%. The smooth surface characteristics and spherical shape of CANTAB® offers superior performance for production and final finished products.

Benefits of Cantab® Dextrose:

• Better flowability

• Less dustiness (more suitable for controlled environment rooms)

• High moisture absorption & dissolves quickly

• Increased processing efficiencies: ↓ compression force = Energy & Equipment savings

• Increased tablet integrity/friability: Less broken or sheared tablets and more intricate designs can be pressed

Cantab® Dextrose Applications:

Tablets, Powdered Drink Mixes, Non-GMO Sweetener, Anti-Caking Agent

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