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The Organic Nature of Korea


Vision Korea Corporation (A Nousbo Company) is focused on the Worldwide export of premium Korean organic green tea. Korean green tea has a unique taste and an exceptional quality compared to other green teas. The history of Korean Tea culture goes back to more than a thousand years, when it was introduced to Buddhist temples during the Koryo Dynasty.  Since the 1980’s the Korean tea industry has been revived and is now known for the production of many different varieties of teas.

VisonKorea Matcha farms are located in this Jeju Island, at the southernmost tip of South Korea. Their USDA Organic Farm is owned by one of the largest globally renowned Tea Producers with over 30 years of experience – OSULLOC.

Why Korean Tea from Jeju is the Best

Jeju is the only place in the world that has been awarded the “Triple Crown” from UNESCO in the environmental field. It has been designated a natural heritage site and was given geological park status in 2010. Due to the clean air and water, the tea leaves grown in Jeju island contain higher levels of anti-oxidants than tea grown elsewhere.

What Makes Tea Grown in Jeju Special?


Fresh Air








Volcanic Soil


Clean Water

MATCHA Product Features

  • 100% Green Tea Powder
  • NOP-USDA Organic
  • Cold water soluble
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • HACCP Certified Plant
  • Halal Certified
Korean Matcha

Health Benefits of MATCHA

  • Revives anti-oxidants in the body, since Matcha has a higher amount of anti-oxidants than any other fruits or vegetables.
  • Natural way to increase energy
  • Proven compounds of L-theanine, vitamins, and minerals
  • Superior when compared to green tea in energy, nutrition, and anti-oxidants

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