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Pomma+ Nectar is all-natural, antioxidant rich sweetener and clean-label flavor. It is produced exclusively from Whole California Pomegranates. Pomma+ Nectar provides low calorie sweetness, a low glycemic value while contributing tangy flavor with acidic notes.

  • Rich in Potassium and Pomegranate Polyphenols
  • Flavor Catalyst, Adds Tart Flavor, Sharpness, Texture
  • Clean Label Sweetener
  • Low Calorie, Low Glycemic Index, 65 Brix
  • 4.7% Naturally Occurring Organic Acids
  • Citric Acid 51.7 g/l
  • Clarified



Stauber is a business-to-business supplier, blender, and distributor of ingredients.  We only sell to companies and not to individuals.

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All Natural, Vegan,
Non-GMO, Kosher

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Rich in Potassium and
Pomegranate Polyphenols

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Solvent Free, No Heat or
Chemicals in Processing

Product Functions:

As Liquid Sugar Alternative
(Replace HFCS, Dextrose, Sucrose)

As a Functional Flavoring Agent
As Clean Label Binder

Broad Range Of Uses:

RTD Non-Alcoholic, RTD Malt,
Mixers, Waters and Smoothies
Dressing, Marinades, Yogurt,
Ice Cream, Popsicles, Sorbet
Gummies, Gels, Candies

Suggested Labeling:

Pomma + Nectar,
Pomegranate Syrup,

Pomegranate Solids Syrup

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U.S. origin, California

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Consistent Quality from Lot to Lot

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65 Brix