Performance Granulations – Products

Your Choice for Custom Processing – Designed to Your Specific Needs


STAUBER Performance Granulations specializes in transforming particles for your specific production needs.  Granulation improves process performance by reducing dusting, improving flowability, compressibility, and uniform particle size distribution.

Popular Granulations

Glucosamine Granular

Glucosamine/Chondroitin Granular

L-Arginine Granular


Quercetin HD

Aquamin Plus

Aquamin Plus Ready2Run ™

L-Leucine Granular

Coral Calcium Granular

Biotin 1%

Pantethine Granular

And Custom Products

Coming Soon!

Pomma+ Instantized

Fluid Bed Processing

High Shear Granulation

Roller Compaction

Precision Blending