STAUBER Joins the Hawkins Family of Companies

For Immediate Release

Dear Valued Business Partners,


Our new partner for STAUBER’s future was announced late in the afternoon of Monday, November 23, 2015.

Over the last twenty years we have had three equity partners/investors who have been the majority owners of STAUBER during their respective investment periods; Quad-C Capital,  Whitney & Co., and our current partner, ICV Capital.

Earlier this year, ICV Capital and I decided that we would look to part paths with each other, so we “once again,” started a process to look for a new partner to STAUBER. We looked primarily at potential strategic partners, as “this time around,” I very much wanted it to be our partner “forever.” I did not want to worry about “changing out” yet another equity/investor group in another five to seven years.

I am very happy to share with you that the entire management team and I have decided to enter into a relationship with Hawkins, Inc. (HAWKINS – see ) a company whose values, culture, and “customer focused” business mindset, are identical to that of STAUBER.

Our new parent company is built on a foundation of integrity, quality, and transparency. From what we have seen in various people we have interacted with and gotten to know so far (especially their CEO Patrick Hawkins), they are a perfect match for how we run our business. Like STAUBER, HAWKINS also promotes a “Culture of Quality.”

HAWKINS, based out of Roseville, Minnesota distributes, blends, and manufactures bulk & specialty chemicals to a wide variety of industries. They operate 38 different facilities in 17 different states. They do very little in the nutrition industry, and they are really excited about being able to diversify and spread out into more industries through STAUBER.

STAUBER’s current management team will keep running the company (which will keep its identity “STAUBER” under the umbrella of the HAWKINS family of companies).

Per Patrick Hawkins; “The addition of STAUBER to the HAWKINS family will accelerate HAWKINS’ growth strategy and expand our overall product and service offering. We strongly believe that a combination of HAWKINS and STAUBER will offer more strength and long-term opportunities for STAUBER, all of its business partners (customers “and” suppliers), and especially its management and employees.”

It is truly a historic moment in time in the evolution of STAUBER as a business!  Thank you for being part of our continuing journey!




Dan Stauber

STAUBER California / New York