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STAUBER is Named Preferred Enzyme Distributor by Enzymology Research Center

Stauber Named Preferred Enzyme Distributor

Enzymology Research Center has selected STAUBER as their preferred enzyme distributor for the nutritional and dietary supplement industry in the North American marketplace. STAUBER will represent Enzymology’s complete enzyme product line and innovative enzyme concepts to the nutritional industry.

Enzymology Research Center, Inc. (ERC) offers a robust variety of systemic, digestive and application specific Enzymes for use in the manufacturing of superior quality finished products. Custom blends of various enzymes can be created to customer-specific requirements.

As consumer demand for healthier and higher quality goods continues to increase and producers seek innovative ingredient solutions, Enzymology Research Center together with its channel partner STAUBER is primed to provide customer oriented solutions.

“Enzymology and STAUBER have been working together in the past several years and have jointly expanded their presence in the nutritional and dietary market segments in the U.S. STAUBER’s excellent market knowledge and intimate customer relationships across the U.S., along with Enzymology’s high-quality standards, provide the basis for the continued success. STAUBER’s manufacturing capabilities in Florida, NY provides additional customized and tailor made solutions for our customer base in North America,” said Troy Aupperle, CEO of Enzymology Research Inc.

“STAUBER is pleased to be selected to represent such a quality enterprise as Enzymology Research Center. Our organizations share similar values in the support of the ever-evolving nutritional industry, including dedication to excellence, the constant pursuit of quality, and providing innovative solutions for our customers,” said Dan Stauber, CEO of STAUBER. “This partnership effectively supports our end customers with continued development and focus on creative product solutions. Our teams look forward to working together!”

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