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Ingredient Spotlight: Aquamin

Aquamin is a fascinating ingredient.  It is arguably the best source of calcium available today. And that, by itself, presents tremendous potential. But to introduce this product only as a source of calcium is certainly not doing justice to the ingredient as it is so much more than “just calcium”.  Aquamin is described as an algae-based multi-mineral complex.  We will explain here in a few words how unique of a product it is and why it is so important to STAUBER and our customers.

Aquamin is derived from red algae that grows in shallow waters near the coast of Iceland.  The skeleton of these beautiful plants is made of calcium carbonate and other minerals.  At some point during the maturation process of the algae, parts of the plant become too heavy for the plant to carry and fragments of calcified seaweed fall on the seabed.  They are then washed by currents to fjords where they accumulate.  Marigot, the manufacturer of Aquamin, collects these fragments, cleans them, and grinds them to obtain a powder that will serve as the starting material for the Aquamin line of products.

Aquamin as a source of Calcium.

The composition of this powder is interesting.  This material contains consistently 32% calcium, 2% magnesium along with 72 trace minerals.  The calcium potency of this material makes it comparable to any other source of calcium available on the market.  But as important as its composition is the structure in which the calcium is delivered; a unique “honeycomb” pattern that provides Aquamin with a unique taste, mouthfeel (non-chalky) and functional characteristics compared to other mined based source of calcium.  On top of that, Aquamin is label friendly and has a story to tell.  It is 100% plant-based, harvested following strict and sustainable practices and fit for today’s most environmentally concerned consumers.

Aquamin is much more.

Now, as mentioned previously, we can’t reduce Aquamin to a source of Calcium.

Marigot is continuously spending resources for scientific research and has demonstrated that the synergies between calcium, magnesium and trace minerals found in this ingredient give the material properties not found in calcium supplements.  We have now a total of 35 peer-reviewed publications substantiating applications of Aquamin in bone, joint, and digestive health.

In addition, Aquamin has been formulated into a line of ingredients designed to allow its incorporation in various delivery systems, from supplements such as tablets, capsules, and gummies to foods like bars, cereals, beverages, breads, cookies or ice creams.

Aquamin is unique. Marketing teams love it but procurement groups may express their concerns about working with a single-sourced ingredient.

But here again, Marigot delivers. They are able to guarantee no risk of running out of material as well as price stability.

As a distributor, partnerships with companies such as Marigot are precious.  STAUBER aims to provide our customers the best level of customer service, transparency, and innovative ingredients, so we associate ourselves with companies that share our values and allow us to deliver on our promises.  Marigot is definitely one of these partners and we will continue to work diligently to make Aquamin as important to our customers as is it to us.

by: Greg Berthomieu

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