Nippi Collagen: Setting the Standard for Marine Bioactive Peptides

Nippi Collagen
non GMO project certified

Nippi Collagen

Setting the standard for Marine Bioactive Peptides

Nippi Collagen is a premiere STAUBER partner who has set the Standard for Marine Bioactive Peptides in their product development and manufacturing excellence.  With a focus on exceptional clinical work, Nippi has scientifically demonstrated the exceptional benefits that collagen has for skin, bone and joint health.

Nippi Collagen is a natural high-quality and clinically tested collagen peptide extracted from fish collagen. Nippi Collagen is easy to digest and is quickly absorbed more so than other collagen sources due to its low molecular weight and high bioavailability.  Collagen plays a significant role in connective tissue health throughout the body and Nippi Collagen provides for multidimensional benefits for skin, bone, and joint health and ensures the cohesion, elasticity, and regeneration of our cells for maintaining an active lifestyle and enhanced general health.

As a superior alternative to bovine or porcine collagen, Nippi Collagen is characterized by a low molecular weight resulting in an improved digestibility and bioavailability. Nippi products are the result of a complex and patented hydrolysis process to obtain soluble collagen peptides and compared to other forms of collagen, Nippi Collagen is absorbed at a higher level through the intestinal barrier into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body.

Nippi Collagen is backed by numerous clinical studies and has scientifically proven benefits on health and beauty, stimulating the regeneration of cells present in the skin, bones, and joints of our body. Nippi Collagen offers superior functionalities for those who want to remain healthy and active throughout their life.

Because Nippi Collagen is tasteless and odorless, it can be easily added to food and beverages or be used for cosmeceutical and nutraceutical applications. The quality of the Nippi TruMarine™ product from wild harvested snapper was demonstrated in 2015 by earning Non-GMO project approval. Nippi FreshWater™ Collagen products offer a cost-effective option with superior performance in solubility, dispersibility, and flavor profile.  These grades are produced with the emphasis on sustainability and environmental awareness as evidenced by approval from the Aquaculture Certification Council.

STAUBER is a premium supplier of innovative, nutritional ingredients, offering Nippi’s complete Collagen portfolio in both powder and granular forms. STAUBER’s success is due to a passion for innovation. STAUBER is a one-stop, forward-thinking supplier of a broad spectrum of solutions for the ingredient industry. For more information about Nippi Collagen or any of STAUBER’s other products, please contact us.

by: Sheri Esswein