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organic monk fruit pure v50

Organic Monk Fruit Sweetener

Zero calories. Zero aftertaste.

Monk Fruit, also known as luo han guo, is the newest zero-calorie sweetener. The small, round, and green fruit has edible pulp inside and grows on vines native to China and Thailand. The pure Organic Monk Fruit PureV50™ is prepared by a simple water extraction process. Using the whole flesh of the fruit including the nectar, the components are separated to get dehydrated juice that contains the sweetness from the fruit, also called mogrosides. Mogrosides are a derivative found in several types of plants. This process allows the simple sugars to become a byproduct during the extraction and drying process, leaving a super sweet, zero-calorie pure powder. It’s really a simple, clean process that creates a sweet alternative to sugar without all the calories.

High Versatility
Easy Blending
Low Use/High Yield
Clean Labels


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