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Inspiring Resistant Starch Innovation

Solnul™ is a resistant starch ingredient that selectively feeds
Bifidobacterium to support optimal digestion and GI health.


Unlike other prebiotic fibers, it does not promote gas or digestive upset. It can be used as an introductory or maintenance fiber for GI recovery and is suitable for special diets like low FODMAP.

Multi-Function Fiber

Double action support for gut health, simultaneously improving constipation and diarrhea, normalizing stool consistency. Achieve symptom relief through slow fermentation.

Low Dose RS2

At a low dose of 3.5g – Solnul optimizes microbial balance in the GI tract.

1. Significantly less occurrences of symptoms versus placebo after week four with daily consumption of 3.5 g Solnul™ Standard Dose.   2.  Proportional increase to relative abundance of Bifidobacterium and Akkermansia from baseline to week four with daily consumption of 3.5 g Solnul™ Standard Dose.

The Granule Advantage

The unique size and shape of the potato starch granule make it exceptionally resistant to digestive enzymes allowing it to arrive at the colon intact with no effect on water movement. Once there, it significantly increases Bifidobacterium and keeps the microbiome well-fed. Using in vitro testing, we’re the first prebiotic supplier to actually show Bifidobacterium feeding on our product.

The only prebiotic on the market with results you can see and feel.

Today, We're in a Nutrient-deficient State of Crisis

The average American gets only 4 g per day or 20% of the Suggested Dietary Target (SDT) of resistant starch from diet alone.

The Solution

While our diets are falling short of the resistant starch SDT, Solnul™ is able to provide a fortification solution that is both convenient and effective.

Our purpose is to close the resistant starch gap to restore human health. We do this by inspiring our customers with innovation concepts and providing formulation support in order to get resistant starch back into modern diets. As experts in RS2, we offer cutting edge microbiome insights explaining how the host utilizes resistant starch.

Formulate with patented Solnul™ Resistant Potato Starch

Seamless Integration:

• Neutral color, taste and smell
• Fine powder, blends well
• Whole food, plant-based
• Upcycled, dietary fiber
• Water dispersible
• Clean label


Dietary Supplements:
• Powdered Drink Mix
• Protein Shakes
• Meal Replacements
• Sports Nutrition
• Hydration

Functional Food & Beverage:
• Coatings / Seasonings / Flavorings
• Snack Bars / Bites
• Better-for-You Snacking
• Cereal

Solnul™ is Backed by a Body of Clinical and Scientific Research

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