STAUBER Organizational Announcement: Dan Stauber to Reassume the Role of President

STAUBER Ingredients for Innovation

Stauber Organizational Announcement

February 8, 2018

In conjunction with the Third Quarter Fiscal 2018 Report for HAWKINS, Inc., Patrick Hawkins, President & CEO, was pleased to announce that Dan Stauber has reassumed the role of President of Stauber Performance Ingredients, overseeing the entire Health and Nutrition business under the HAWKINS, Inc. arsenal of operating divisions.

“Dan has grown to become a valuable Board Member of HAWKINS, Inc., while at the same time continued to oversee many of the aspects of the Health and Nutrition unit. At this time we are pleased to have him play more of a role once again, as we continue to grow and diversify our offering of products and services to the markets we serve,” stated Mr. Hawkins.

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