Celebrate Global Omega-3 Day with Us!

Global Omega 3 day
Global Omega 3 day

Let’s Celebrate Global Omega-3 Day by Spreading the Word About the Health Benefits of Omega-3’s!


Let’s celebrate the first Global Omega-3 Day, Today, Wednesday, March 3rd.


This is a day to recognize the many health benefits of omega-3s: EPA and DHA. These omega-3s are important for overall health, but most people don’t get nearly enough.


Let’s change this and spread the word…


👉To learn why you need these nutrients and to find out if you are getting enough omega-3s, visit : GlobalOmega3Day.com


👉 To know more about our DHA ORIGINS® range from microalgae learn more about our partner, Fermentalg, or visit Fermentalg’s Website.


To find out more about work being done by STAUBER, visit our homepage: https://www.stauberusa.com

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