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Bimuno® Prebiotic by Clasado Biosciences

Bimuno® (B-GOS®) is a targeted prebiotic fiber containing a unique Galactooligosaccharide (GOS) mixture, which has shown consistently positive effects on gastrointestinal health, immune health and cognition.

Bimuno® is the result of an extensive research & development program dating back to 2000, conducted in collaboration with the University of Reading (UK) and other globally renowned research institutes. Its safety and efficacy is supported by 80+ scientific publications.

What is Bimuno®?

Bimuno® is a daily fiber supplement containing a unique, active ingredient (Galactooligosaccharides(GOS)), which feeds and stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the gut. It can increase levels of good bacteria, bifidobacterial within just 7 days.

A healthy balanced diet, rich in fiber can help achieve an optimally balanced gut. A high fiber food supplement such as Bimuno® can feed the gut bacteria in the gut and help bridge that gap.

Bimuno® is a fiber, which travels through your digestive system and reaches the colon, as it is unaffected by heat and acidity. It’s like a fertilizer, encouraging the growth of naturally occurring good gut bacteria specific to you.

Why choose Bimuno®?

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Rapid onset of action.

Levels of beneficial Bifidobacteriaspecies are significantly increased in as little as 7 days to help normalize gut, immune, and metabolic function.

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High prebiotic index.

Bimuno® exhibits a powerful bifidogenic effect at a very low dose. It has been clinically shown to have minimal side effects compared to other commercially available prebiotics.

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Broad range of applications.

Available as an 80% powder and 65% syrup. Suitable for the broadest range of applications due to it’s superior heat, pH, and microbiological stability characteristics. Pleasant tasting.

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Strong impact on health.

Bimuno® has been clinically shown to Rebalance gut health, Shield against gut pathogens, and combat inflammation. These actions provide superior digestive and immune health support.

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Backed by scientific evidence.

More published and peer-reviewed scientific evidence than other prebiotics in the market. The science of Bimuno® is the most comprehensive of any commercial prebiotic.

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Protected by patents.

Bimuno® is protected by 3 US Patents with over 60 granted global patents, and more pending. Full GRAS approval for food, beverage, and infant formula per FDA notices GRN 000484, 000485, and 000495.

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Clinically proven synergistic gut health “protection”
benefits using Bimuno®

  • Highly selective and most potent bifidogenic effect
  • Very well tolerated prebiotic with powerful bifidogenic, anti-pathogenic and anti-inflammatory properties at low doses
  • Unique anti-invasive function against pathogens
  • Supports gut health from infants to elderly
  • Positively impacts on markers of immune function
  • Reduces anxiety through the influence on the Gut-Brain-Axis
  • Improves markers of metabolic syndrome
Bimuno® Gut Health

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