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Unlocking the nutrition of fruit seeds and sakins, STAUBER is proud to offer Nutrativa’s™ high quality, pure, and 100% natural fruit oils and powders for a wide range of applications.

Cold-Press / Cold-Filtered

Nutrativa™ Global uses a proprietary mechanical system to harness the incredible flavor and nutritional benefits from natural fruits. The chemical-free process extracts pure, natural oil from seeds using sensitive pressure and friction to extract the oil. No external heat is applied during the extraction process to ensure flavorful, rich fruit oils filled with vital nutrients and functional properties.

100% Pure

To ensure that our customers receive only the very freshest, most natural ingredients, the Nutrativa™ Global process guarantees 100% natural product recovery. We use 100% pure fruit resulting in 100% pure fruit ingredients.

Cold-Pressed & Cold-Filtered for Full Fruit Flavor

We ensure that all of our fruit ingredients are cold pressed and cold filtered to retain the rich natural fruit flavors that are often lost during the heating process. Experience the flavor and nutritional benefits that only cold processing provides.

  • No Enzymes
  • No Solvents
  • No Press Aids
  • No Synthetics
  • No Chemicals
  • Just 100% Pure Fruit Ingredients


A close look reveals that Nutrativa Global’s™ fruit seed oils are dramatically different from most products available today. Our exceptional, high quality fruit oils are not essential oils, chemical extracts, alcohols, or acids. Each of our 100% pure fruit oils is cold pressed and cold filtered to retain valuable nutrients and flavor, providing our customers with a level of purity and nutrition unmatched in the ingredient industry.

Cranberry Seed Oil                             Chia Seed Oil


The dietary supplement and functional food markets have embraced Nutrativa Global’s™ patented cranberry protein powder. The international success of this product has led to a wide range of other fruit powders produced with the highest quality, purity and efficacy. GMP compliant manufacturing processes.

                         Cranberry Powder                               Crantiva® Juice Powder with PACs                        

Plant Proteins

When it comes to functional foods, they don’t get more functional than our patented Cranberry Protein Powder. Our Cranberry Protein Powder delivers 50% dietary fiber and 25% complete protein including all essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine). Add in high levels of phenolic anthocyanin and potassium concentrations and it becomes clear that this cranberry protein powder is packed with many benefits.

  • Cranberry Protein
  • Chia Protein
  • Hemp Protein
  • Pumpkin Protein

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