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Oriel Sea Salt is the only sea salt on the planet that is harvested through a sealed pressurized system, which means all of the goodness is retained.

Our sea salt is non-oxidized so the sea salt contains more minerals and has lower sodium content.

The Taste – Endorsed by Irelands finest chefs and Food Producers

Up to 50% Higher Natural Minerals than other Sea Salts

Lower Sodium content by up to 15% due to higher minerals

Perfect ingredient Sea Salt – Powder like grains dissolve and disperse rapidly.

Use less due to powerful taste and infusing dispersal (+25% reduction)

Non Oxidised and untouched by air, hand, soil or sand (Sealed harvesting system)

No impurities, additives, anti caking agents – Pure Mineral Sea Salt

As nature intended, unwashed yet crystal white with all its minerals

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Oriel Sea Salt

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