The world’s leading manufacturer of natural plant-based licorice products.

For over 150 years, Mafco has been the world’s leading manufacturer of natural plant-based licorice products used in a wide range of applications.

Mafco was founded in 1850 as the McAndrews and Forbes company and was the leader in the licorice extracts and derivatives business since the beginning. Today, Mafco is the global leader in Licorice extracts and Licorice derivative business, with operations in USA, France and China.

Mafco’s Magna-Brands™ products has been used extensively in a variety of food, beverage, oral healthcare, pharmaceutical, confectionery, nutraceuticals, and cosmetic products.

Mafco’s high quality plant-based licorice products extracted and refined for your use in a wide range of applications that include:

Intensifies sweetness by increasing sweet perception and mask high-intensity sweeteners off-notes

Enhances umami and savory notes as well as reduces metallic and bitterness from salt substitutes

Blocks upfront bitterness from vitamins, caffeine, whey protein and more

Enhances mouthfeel by creating a mouth-coating and “full-body” sensation, intended for low-fat or low-sugar formulations.

Increases salty perception for low sodium formulas

Effectively masks off-flavors of plant-based proteins and improves overall taste and mouthfeel

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How Mafco Does It

Mafco’s licorice products come from the roots of the licorice or glycyrrhiza genus of plants. It is small shrub-like plant indigenous to the Middle East and Central Asia.

We wait until the plants are around four years old when harvest the raw materials in the wild. The harvest is collected, cleaned, dried, processed and packaged by Mafco’s supplier partners in various regions and shipped to Mafco’s worldwide factory locations by ocean vessel.

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