Nippi TruMarine™ Collagen


STAUBER announces a premium new collagen product, TruMarine™ Collagen,  extracted from pure marine collagen sources. 

TruMarine™ Collagen is an all-natural, high quality bioactive ingredient providing scientifically proven benefits for skin, joint, and bone health.

TruMarine™ Collagen, from Nippi Collagen NA Inc, is derived from fish collagen type I, and consists of small peptide molecules characterized by improved bioavailability and digestibility.


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FERRO Pharma Ferrous Fumarate.png

FERRO Pharma Ferrous Fumarate

Ferro Pharma Ferrous Fumarate-is a gentle, stable form and high potency form of iron.  It is also highly bioavailable and suitable for a wide range of applications.  Produced in Europe, it is GRAS, USP and CEP, Non-GMO, low in heavy metals, and is consistent in color and high quality. 

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